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In the Morning

Process Over Outcomes

The key to high performance is focusing on what you can control: your behavior. Headway’s morning and evening questionnaires keep important behaviors top of mind and create a virtuous cycle of preparation and reflection.

In the Evening

Grounded by Research

We’ve taken the best of what top minds in management and decision-making have discovered and distilled it into a powerful cocktail that only takes a few minutes per sitting. From Gary Klein’s premortem technique to Marshall Goldsmith’s active questions, Headway has you covered.

In the Morning

Beyond Habits

Go deeper than just yes or no, and focus on quality using our 1-to-10 scoring system. Scoring allows you to get true insights into how you performed and find ways to improve.

In the Evening

It Works. Will You?

There are no virtual buddies, emotional tracking or psuedo-AI to distract you from doing your best. It's just you, your goals, and your desire to improve, aided by a dead-simple interface.

The Benefits

Gain Clarity and Control

Following a positive mental routine builds momentum and provides consistency amidst the chaos of everyday life.

Practice Mindfulness Outside Meditation

Whether you meditate or not, Headway will help you be more mindful and conscious of your behavior throughout the day.

Stay Motivated

No matter what happens, your effort always gets a 1-10 score, even if it's just for pausing to reflect.

In the Morning

Act, Don't React

Starting your morning on offense is the best way to make the most of your day. Headway’s morning questions help prime your brain for productivity and get you ready to attack the day using visualization, premortem and positive psychology.

In the Evening

Reflect and Score

Gain clarity on your performance using active questions that have you score your effort from 1 to 10 across important areas of your life. Created by the world’s top executive coach, Marshall Goldsmith, active questions have been used by leaders and organizations worldwide.

Customize Any Time

Add Your Goals

Each morning and evening survey is completely customizable. The standard questions offer a strong foundation for anyone who wants to be more mindful and productive. As you settle in, you can add questions from our list of suggestions or wipe the slate clean and start fresh. 

Process Over Outcomes

Fortune 500 executives understand it's important to focus on what you can control. Headway’s evening routine utilizes active questions to help you focus on your effort rather than your outcomes. Active questions were created by author and world-renowned executive coach, Marshall Goldsmith, Ph.D., to help himself and his clients stay accountable to their goals.

Measure What Matters

Your happiness and success hinge on how hard you try to achieve your goals. Headway’s 1-10 scoring system, combined with active questions, crystalize your effort each day. Measuring your important behaviors, such as listening or staying on task, keeps them top of mind and helps you improve.

Stop Hacking, Start Tracking

Headway makes it easy to keep track of behaviors and goals in a dedicated space. Rather than hack together another spreadsheet or create a paper journal from scratch, Headway stores it, graphs it and sends you reminders.

What people are saying...

“Knowing I’ll be tested at the end of each day keeps me focused.”

Business Development Exec

“As a new mom, I have a hard time switching between work and parent mode. I've started to rely on my morning and evening checkins to keep me sane and productive.”

Design Director

"Headway has helped me focus each morning, set my priorities, and be incredibly productive and effective in reflecting on how I performed against my priorities at the end of the day."


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